The Worst Part Of Doing His Bid With Him...

i feel like the worst part of him doing this bid is the fact that im doing it with him. i have to wait days before he can respond to a letter... so many people can just call up their man and say what they want in a minute. this truly sucks. the fact that u never know if theyll ever go back because once theyve been in its so hard to get a job and stay on the write track when theyre out. the fact that u have to wonder what goes on in there that he's not telling u. the fact that u see others happy expecially on birthdays and holidays and u have no one to hug or kiss. the fact that you have to wait to love. it just hurts any way u look at it. even if u talk every day, write all the time and visit u still come home to an empty bed.
ladykaylarenee ladykaylarenee
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

i know exactly how you feel except I cant visit. It is driving me insane more and more day by day

yes the last time i went upstate was in april. i only saw him twice this year. it hurts so much smh.

last time I seen my baby doll I was being released from the county jail where we both were. got to see his beautiful face for about 30 seconds haven't touched him since last day of march of this year and we were fighting over dumb **** .I'm so lost so not ok just feel like I've lost my life