Two Crazy Lovers Seperated

im 16 and my bf is 18 he just went to jail a week ago but it feels alot longer we were two crazy kids in love is a good way to sum up our relationship i know other people have had it alot tougher then me but this is still hurting me the police knocked at my door while we were chilling at my place and took him downstairs and cuffed him and took him away i was holding back tears while he was being cuffed and sitting in the car because i didnt want my tears to blur up my last sights of him and i didnt want him to see me like that because as soon as they drove away i started BALLING my eyes out on my best friends shoulder i dont know how long hes going to be away i knew this was coming because he was on the run i cant go visit him because i need my mother because im only 16 and still it wouldnt be through a glass it would be through just a monitor... i can still be happy but i cant ever be FULLY happy because hes always in the back of my mind things remind me of the times we had and the little things he would do i get flashbacks at random moments or hallucinations of what he would do if he was there with me at that moment i dream about him every night people think im stupid and desperate for waiting for him even my mother but i cant help i love him and they tell me i can do better i cant tell u how many times ive been told that even though people still think we r a cute couple i still get the "but u can do better" line they tell me im pretty and smart and have a good personality and could get a better guy i can see every day well i know i can but do i want to? no. because those other guys arent going to be the same amazing guy he was im a crazy girl and hes a crazy guy hes been called a lowlife, a loser, gross, annoying, arrogant, a douche but he actually ISNT hes sweet to me but he messes with other people but everyone can agree theres nobody else like him.... PRECISELY. thats why im waiting....
sophia8937 sophia8937
Sep 24, 2012