Another Woman

After being stuck in agony for months without him he was moved closer to home, now only 2 hours away. Before I knew that I took a 6 hour trip upstate to find that out. The next day I was ready to see him. I waited so long for this moment. I got to the site and saw the CO on duty to be told my visit was rejected because he already has a visitor that got there 5 minutes before I did. It was some *****. I'm still upset and now I don't even know if I should visit him anymore. The history he has with this woman isn't a good one. She tried giving him a baby that wasn't his while him and I were together. She would've gotten pregnant before we were actually serious about everything. ***** had the nerve to show up. At least he knew I was coming. Anyways, I'm 95% sure that he didn't know about this based on some evidence I've acquired but I'm a bit apprehensive on my next steps. I need help. This can't be my life right now.

Oh yeah, I did write him telling him to call me. He has yet to do so. He didn't write me back as yet either.
MaiFull MaiFull
22-25, F
Nov 25, 2012