Miss My Baby

It's been about two weeks since my boyfriend went in jail. This is the second time this has happened since we've been together and i miss him so much. The first time it was only for a month and it wasn't so bad, but this time it's for 8 months (from what i've been told) and i'm going crazy. I can't get a real answer every time i call the jail. No one will tell me what's going on. We've been through hell and back together and i love him dearly. I don't know how to handle this situation, it's so confusing and scary. I feel like this time around i don't know whats going on at all with him. I literally feel like its the end of the world! He's my best friend and even though he's had some problems with the law he's the best guy i've ever met. He's always been there for me and we did every thing together and i've lost all that. I know there are some people with worse situations than mine but i'm trying to stay strong it's just really hard!
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I know how you feel last night I had a break down and I haven't talk to my babe's since Thanksgiving

yeah those are the worst :/ it sucks!

hey girly im feeling the same way im going on 4 months that i havent seen my boyfriend it's sooo hard i also feel lke i lost my bestfriend the one who always had my backmy everything and yea sure he had some problems with the law but it dosent make him a bad person maybe in other peoples eyes but in mine he was the best the best thing that has happened to me! If you ever just wannna talk im here for you i know its really hard and easy to say but stay strong! I know its hard to think positive when it feels like nothing right now is positive but just try dont let anyone bring you down and try your hardest to stay positive in the end if you stay positive things will turn out positive!

i got two letters from him today :) it just took them awhile to get here. it makes me feel so much better. it helps knowing theres other people out there that know how i feel because it really is a hard thing to go through! there sending him to a boot camp & hopefully shortening his time. girl, it's real tough. i completely agree with you! i'm tryin to stay strong for him though. countin down the days thats for sure!

Don't count the days make the days count that's what my babes told me