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So todays babes called haven't spoke to him since thanksgiving Iknew he was alittle upset about the letter wrote him Iam talking care of three boys n holding down the bills plus making zure he has everything all by myself Ireally wus wish he understand me that Iam stress plus no sex lol I want to go back to school he tell me I can when he comes homes and said ain't nothing like dope mlney I really don't want him back n that lifestyle I dont know what to say ? I just wish he understand Iam lonely without on these on holidays Iwill be bringing the new years without him...I.got a surprise for him Friday getting his name tatted on my wrist ....
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Nobody would want them to go back to that life, you must tell him how you feel and how you don't want that for him. Yes No sex does suck big time. I've been without for 2yrs and counting. My fiance will be home in a couple of weeks though thank God. I hate being away from him and crazy thing is he didn't even do what they charged him for the Court system is all jack up and believe it or not innocent people go to jail its cool though cause karma is a bi&$h! All I want is my baby back though I don't care about anything else.

I hear ya, lady. This is going to be our little girl's first Christmas & he's going to miss it. Plus her 1st bday in February & God only knows how many right now. It kills me. I am trying to focus on the fact that hopefully we'll have many years together after he gets out, though. That gives me a little peace.
You have every right to be upset about him saying he's going to go back to doing that. He would eventually get caught again & you'd be right back here. But at least he's being honest & not feeding you a bunch of bs & false promises too. My man did that last time & I was devastated to see it was all lies. He's not doing that now.
Keep your head up, darlin. It can't rain forever :)

Thanks I feel sometimes I'm putting my life on hold and sometimes I really hate it and then other times I try not to think about it how do you do it

One day at a time. When that gets to be too much, then one hour at a time or even a minute at a time. I try to stay distracted with housework or whatever at the time. Nights are hardest. Valium helps lol. I really just try to remind myself that he loves me, I love him, and it isn't like he's dead. We will be together again, eventually. And I pray, constantly. I don't know if you are religious or not, but God helps me. He gives me peace. If you aren't religious, try meditating or just thinking good thoughts. Don't give in to negativity because it will eat you up.

Thxs. I pray but ask God why me i want to walk away but my heart won't let me somewhat i don't want to see him Friday just thought of me having to leave him

Iam stress too & no sex it sucks rite? lol