Two Weeks

I wrote him a letter this weekend. and he called me to let me know that he got it. this was the first time that I got to talk to him in 2 weeks. it was 1 of those 1 minute calls. I just got a job so I can't put money on my phone yet.he added me to his visitation list so I get to see him every Saturday and Monday but its only for 20 minutes.but those will be the best two 20 minute visits every week. I miss seeing him I hope he knows that I'm staying true to him. I'm going through this alone and this is my first time. it's hard not to have any support but him to look forward too.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

thanks. its hard bc were both young and everyone i talk to just says leave him. but i know i won't do that until he says he's done.

The heart wants what the hearts want a lot of my friends tell me Ishould babes alone but who are they to judge there not god do u if he makes you happy n u love him rock with him

exactly what i try to tell them. but then they try to say you can find another mexican that hasn't in jail, but there's no need for all of that. its kinda like i'm in control of who i choose to have a relationship with but loving him just happened. imma rock with him tell the end.

The days never get easy just to let u know u will have some good days n bad put keep ya head up if you need someone to talk to I'm here