My Boyfriend & Me.

hey, im only 16 and my boyfriend that iv been with for 1year&5months has been in jail a number of times. At the minute hes back inside and he could be in for up to 3 or more years. I understand everything your going through. Its really hard for me too. I had the same feeling that he might lose interest in me but he hasnt and since he has told me this i feel so much better and he doesnt get to me as much anymore. In my opinion if you love him its defo worth the wait.. if its a year and your still in school or whatever then that year will fly in. :) You've just got to keep strong and live a little with your head held high. iv lost so many friends over my situation with my boyfriend and that is hard but if they were really your close mates they would stick by you and give you all the support you need, iv said that my "close mates" clearly werent that close to me because they give me so support at all, in fact they made things 10 times harder for me when i was at my worst point in life with all this. Last year me and my boyfriend went through a really bad time and my family turned on him and didnt want me to go out with him anymore. i had no one to talk to when he was in jail as i could not tell my mum anything. At the moment my mum is being a but more supportive about things but isnt really up for letting me to see my boyfriend in jail, its really upsetting not being able to see him but when he rings and i hear him voice it changes my whole day for the best. i love going out,drinking,dancing&partying etc, and since iv met him my whole life has changed aswell. Id rather just go to college,come home and do nothing for the rest of the day. i have started going out a little bit again now but i dont seem to enjoy it like i used to because i be thinking that i should be at home in my room looking at the same four walls 24/7 just because that what my boyfriend has to do. You've got to fight for what&who you love thats all i can say. #keepstrong :)
lisamc123 lisamc123
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012