I Need Your Advise!

I'm having one of those days!
Why cant this just go away!
Everyone keeps telling me it's going to be okay yes I know it's going to be okay but at the moment it dosent feel like it! I cant stop talking about whats going on with my boyfriend and i think my friends are geting annoyed and i understand that but i just cant stop! It's hard enough that I cant see my boyfriend and it feels like i lost him even though i know i dident i cant handle losing a friend 2! I just wish the people that are close to me would understand what im going therw and except my choice! I'm not saying my friends arnt there for me because most of them are and they try to help me threw it but i feel like there geting annoyed and i dont want that to happen! And how do i explain to my mother how hard this really is on me when she dont accept my choice? I want her to understand and where very close I know she thinks i can do better but i could really use her support threw this! Any one have idea how i can help my mom accept my choice and him? Btw she liked him before this but now she just sees him as a criminal! I just really need some advise and support its almost been four months since hes been in there and im still hurt as the first day finding out! PLEASE ladys i need your advise!
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Girl all you can do is pray and pray some more. Think positively. I know its not easy however you must block the negativity. Stop telling people everything, they don't need to know cause all they gonna do is talk bad about the situation. I'll be praying for you.Lata.

My mom is the same way. She talked really bad about my bf when he got in to trouble. Then one day she texted me and said she wants to meet him when he gets out. I guess she seen how much he means to me. Basically, you can't push her in to anything if she loves you she'll accept it because you're her child. She'll come around give it time

tough situation your in