One Of The Harder Days

i miss him like crazy. he's always on my mind & it makes going day by day harder. i wish he was home with me. getting his letters makes me feel better, but its only a letter. its not him. its been hard to hold my tears in all day. i get anxiety doing my daily things without him in my passenger seat. the good news is, in the letter he sent me he said he was being sent to a boot camp in Chelsea MI for 90 days. then he said he's coming home after that. for some reason i don't feel like he is though :/ because when i called the jail they said 8 months. but my boyfriend said he has no clue where i got 8 months from because he'll be home soon. im just so confused & afraid. does it really ever get easier as time goes on?
raeeee113 raeeee113
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

hey hun, i think in a way it does get a little easier my mans been in jail for 5 months now n i found the first 3 months soooo hard everytime ya think of them being in there it makes ya feel sick ae. but after a while you kinda adjust to it- the missing him like craaaazy doesnt go away though. you should try spend this time thinking of all the positive things you can do for yourself to make yourself a better women for him and yourself. and look forward to your future with him. hope this helps a lil xx

that did help :/ thank you! it getting easier though makes me feel bad. i miss him like crazy & i seriously feel like i have no one anymore. its only been a month and im going crazy. i feel like if i adjust to it that's not a good thing! i just don't want to be okay without him. i want him to be here and its so hard!