My Boyfriend Is A Lifer

Hello all im new at this forum thing, i met my boyfriend 11 years ago we were together for a couple months and broke up but stayed friends about 2 years later he ended up going to prison, he would write me and i went to see him when he was at the county jail, ive always loved him he was my first love my first everything so when i went to see him, it was way to hard for me i cried the entire time and he told me to go make my life since he would be in prison for the rest of his life, so i kept writing him but never saw him again so for the past 10 years we have spoke on the phone only on the holidays and we wrote all the time, i knew he had loved me this entire time because he never asked anything of me he always asked me to be happy, and gave me advice and secretly loved me with out telling me! i ended up married with 4 kids moved across country since my husband at the time was a Marine so i still wrote him even married.. ive always loved him even when i was with other men. Well i ended up going through the divorce so i out of no where decided to go visit him in prison after 10 years i would see him again, and i did in Aug and we have been together ever since,i realized i still loved this man and he is the one and only one for me, i have been to see him once a month since aug since he is 8 hrs away from me but i am looking into moving closer to him in feb so i can see him every weekend, i even thought about marriage what do yall think? am i crazy for giving my life up to a man that will never leave prison?
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i agree if you love someone thats all that matters i havent known my boyfriend that long but i know hes it for me. he doesnt have a life term but im gonna make the best of it while hes there and you should do the same. best of luck

If you are happy that's all that matter