I Can Get Through This

So this is my story. I met this guy and I found out he had a warrant for DV with his ex who is this crazy girl, there have been 5 stories since the time he was arrested to the time I got the call today that all his misdemeanors were dropped and everything was dismissed. I thought he was free until he called he told me that they dropped all them and gave him two felonies.....hes been in since Nov 14th and now he cant even call his public defender for a date until Dec 21st. and I am freaking out !!!! Because this could mean a really long time. I just dont see how they can take 5 different stories and not think something is wrong with that plus past cases with them two have all been dismissed with lack of evidence. This girl just wants him in jail over a kid.
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Stay strong for him standing by him at his lowest points shows him how
Much your care, here if you need to talk!

Wow that's crazy you are in my prayers stay strong for him