10 Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yaaaaae!!! only 10 weeks untill my hunnys out :) :) awww its going to be so amazing being able to pick my babe up from those gates to come home with me i think i'll cry with happiness lol. All theses months of waiting is going to be sooo worth it.
I got a letter from him the other day, it arrived with such perfect timeing too, i've been feeling quite upset but he said the most sweetest things in it, it made my heart melt <3
I hate going to bed alone and waking up alone. I just wish I could hug him, I think thats what I miss the most!
I hope everyones doing ok, I think this is one of the worst things a couple could go through and I admire all you gurls that choose to stand by your man through something like this.
I love reading everyone elses experiences it makes me feel sooo much better especially on my darker days Im glad im not alone in going through this .

Stay strong gurls xxxx
Bluetern Bluetern
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aww cool congrats to u too :)

Congrads mines will be out in like 10weeks i know how you feeling

So happy for you!!!!!!