Missing Him... Cant Sleep.. He Gets Out New Years Day!

It's 5 in the morning and I still haven't been able to beat this insomnia... I have to go to work tomarrow, well later on today I should say but I cant seem to rest...My boyfriend gets out on New years .... which is coming up very soon... I am so anxicous... he has been in there since July.... and I miss him so.. *sigh**

I talked to his step dad and he told me that he has a court date on the 21st.... so I'm thinking he will be kept longer... =/

I dont know why but I cant sleep... I keep thinking of us being together, talking, laughing, and staring into each others eyes like we used to do....(we're weird lol)

He is my boyfriend, my best friend, and the screw that keeps my head on striaght... he makes me better... I even keep thinking about marriage with him... o.o is that so crazy? He keeps saying thinkgs about marriage and being together forever in his letters and when I visit... and he keeps telling me that he is going to prove it to me that it isnt jail talk.. we will see right? ...others will say they dnt understand why i want to be with a "criminal" but he's very gental and good hearted... we're both even talking about getting closer to God... he says he just want to look forward to our future...

ok ill stop blabbing lol... I'm just wondering if it will be like meeting him for the 1st time all over again..#butterflies.
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I thought i was the only one who was feeling like this, There are nights I cant sleep and I just write to him until I cant write no more. My boyfriend has been incarcerated since April, How long does you hubby have to go?.

He is out finally.. he was locked up for 6 months.. 7-8 if you count the day they they took him and put him in the safe house... I appreciate you commenting on my story(; and yes I believe tht only those who are waiting fr their love to get out can understand the hurting process.. just keep your head up.. it does get better(;

Your time was very short but thats good, make sure he doesn't go back in because many who do short times think they'll get off easy the second time again. My head stays up and i'll always keep nothing but smiles for my Everything. and I hope you and your beau are having the best time of your life, xoxo;; Enjoy.