I Miss Him So Much

my boyfriend has been on remand for just over 2 months hes getiin sentence on xmas eve and im scared.The longest he can get is about 2 years i miss him so much and i will stay with him but i cant believe he mite not be in my life for a year i fell so sad and alone i just need a friend thats nos wot im going though :(
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I feel the exact same way, my bf was arrested on Nov 15th, and he is out on Feb 20th, no body understands why I'm staying with him (we've only been together since august) but I just miss him so much :( all I do is think about him, I write him about 3 letters a week and I've seen him 2 times since he went in. It really sucks tho :( but he was looking at 18 months and it got dropped down, so just keep positive, expect the worst, hope for the best !!

Hey I'm in the same situation ! None of my friends or family understand or support me and having no one to talk to is really effecting me more then I thought it would. I do need people to talk to I just find my self crying everyday !

Hey Girl,

I'm going through the same thing my boyfriend and I have been together 3years and some months. He was incarcerated April 18 2012, I've been standing strong alone and supporting him as much as i Can, I would send letter every week or even 2 weeks and seeing him every month or two weeks on visits. As summer ended and it was time to start school (Uni) and I left for school i became more busy with school and only got to see him one a month and not as much letters because i didn't have the time with writing essays. Every month i'd go and see him it would cost me about 300$ just in travels (because i don't drive), i no its much but i love him and i really do miss him.. so i understand how you feel i'm actually the same age bracket as you but i won't be seeing mine free until December 28th 2014.. so stay strong girl.