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Hey my boyfriends in remand at the minute and thinks he'll get around 18 mOnths if lucky. His been in jail before I met him and knew he was a bad boy but didn't expect him to go back in. You only get to visit One hour twice a week here (lOndon) and still haven't seen him for 2 weeks now and only had a few calls lasting around a minute.
We weren't official before he went in but now his gone I want him more than ever. How do you cope?! It feels like I am mourning him do I regularly write and visit and call or get on with my life until he comes out? I didn't realise how this would affect me.
Missjackknight Missjackknight
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Well you have to stay strong and support him. Keep writing, talking on the phone an visiting. That makes things a lot easier. It's harder some days more than others, but have faith and remind yourself it'll be over with :)