I Miss My Babey So Much:(

Me and my boyfriend haven't been together for very long but he was arrested last night and I already miss him so much, we have a bit of an age gap and I'm still at school so it's pretty tough for me. I have a lot of friends around me for support but I don't want to have to wait 15 years or more without seeing the boy that means everything to me:( any advice would be appreciated :(xx
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I forgot my password for my old account so I had to make a new one aha.. Yeah there's an eight year gap between me and Jamie also, I'm 15 and he's 23. I get so much hate at school and I can't stand it. Things seem to be getting harder and harder and harder and I don't know what to do anymore, I just wanna give up. I don't want to have to wait till I'm 18 to see him or hear from him because it's been hell now and it's only been 4 days. He wants me to go to court to be there but I'm debating wether that's a good thing to do or not..thank you for the advice I will message you, its good to know someone is going threw the same thing and understands :)xx

It gets easier as time goes on... I know exactly what you're going through. But my boyfriend was arrested during the last week of summer & it was hell for me too go back too school. There was an eight year age gap between me & my boy. The first month is the hardest but you can get through it. Just stay strong for him. Write letters about how you're feeling wether or not you're going to send them. That helps a lot. See I'm not aloud to talk to him so I write letters I'm going to send when I'm 18. You'll get through it girl. If you need to talk you can message me if you want :)