I Want My Boy Back Already!

My boy was arrested 2 nights ago and the days aren't getting any easier, neither the nights where I stay awake crying. He's not been charged or anything yet as we haven't been to court yet but this is so hard, I'm 15 and me and him have abit of an age gap, but life's so hard without him making me laugh or waking up to a message from him to brighten my day! I have no idea how long he's going to be gone but this is already so hard and I already miss him so much.

I feel depressed and stressed and feel like I'm missing a major part of me! I don't feel like myself and I just want him back! I feel so useless and don't quite know what to do with myself!

Anyone with any advice please help as I feel like I'm falling apart with out my boy with me:'(
ChloeLovesJamie ChloeLovesJamie
13-15, F
Jan 9, 2013