10 Months Down 11 To Go

Well, its been a while since i have written, I am doing great, i have only seen my boyfriend twice since he has been gone, since he is in another country serving his time. but i am honestly happy as ever, We have kept our relationship stronger then ever. I am supporting my son as a single mother, with no help, i never thought i could have accomplished all i have, and maintained a happy healthy home for our son. Some days are better then others, but as a mother and a strong woman, i hold my head up high, i perk up and say to myself " you can do it". Us woman dont give ourselves enough credit, You will always manage, i promise. Dont sell yourself short. Your man is in jail, but you need support from him too, so as long as he is giving you as much love and encouragement as you are giving him. then you two will be absolutely fine. All of you are beautiful, strong woman, and you cant let this experience define you. You are more than an inmates wife or girlfriend. I am so proud of all of us, If things are getting hard, read books , talk to a friend, take a class, or a walk, take at least 30 mins out of your day to focus on yourself ! This group has taught me so much. So proud of you woman! You can do it! make sure he is loving you right! love you all.
Nataliee250 Nataliee250
22-25, F
Jan 11, 2013