Well my man gets out in 30 days I should be excited but I'm not
He rung me this morning, and we started talking bout the past. he told me he didnt wana lie to me and admitted to cheating on me a couple years ago. It was a bit of a shock.
We argued a bit bout it, he kept saying he's changed and that he just wants me and that me waiting for him for the past 7 months has made him love me even more.
I know that him cheating on me was a while ago but it's hurt me so much I cried after he told me, i keep thinking back to that time of our lives and i feel like such a fool.
I just don't know what to do I don't wanna leave him but I'm scared he's guna do it again.
I hate feeling this hurt.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Take a chance sweetheart. You'll never know if he's changed until you try. If he admitted it that's a good sign that he will. My man cheated on me too but I forgave him and now we're better than ever

Thanks, and yer ill give him a chance. How did you deal with it when you're man cheated? I wanna forgive but don't know how :(

Honestly I still think about it BUT I've also realized if I continue to always question and assume things it will push him away. So I just try to stay positive and let the past be the past you can't change it so move forward. We all mess up I know I have and if I wouldn't have forgiven him he wouldn't have forgiven me

I know how you feel. My mans cheated on me and i forgave him and took him back. Ever since he never cheated on me and he was staying faithful. Hes been in since september 21st and he might be getting out in 3 days at his court date and get a year probation.. Im crossing my fingers. Stay strong girl, itll be worth it to see your man and be with him. You cannot chane the past and he probably is really sorry that he had hurt you. I would move forward and forgive him. Its up to you:) feel free to message me

Thanks, I still feel like **** I wish I could stop thinking about it I guess time heals. I've got my fingers crossed for you too x