30 Days

Omg my babes will be out only two more visits left and seem like these last two visits will be the hardest but I can not wait so he told me yesterday that it seem lime females are starting to writ him because they know he about to get out I was hurt but at the same time I. Was like it these ******* have not been threw it emotionally. Financial and he knew it and told me I don't have nothing to worry about it's all good because once he comes home we are out ocf here new state... so I never thought I could really do this but I did kept my head up stayed strong nd knew Evey tear I shed every dollar I spent. Ever letter I wrote ever night I was lonely and ever time I just wanted to call it quits he was worth it I don't regret nothing I have done for this man but we better not be doing this again....so ladys keep positive if your really love your man you will be his backbone itz not easy but everything in life is not.... #30 more days
LadieCapone LadieCapone
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I like the way you put that. He knows who held him and who didn't.

So happy for you!!!!