One Mistake Can Take A Lott Away.

So first of all let me say that i'm really glad i found a group of people that are going through what i am. I finally don't feel so alone.

So let me start from the beginning.

I am 17 years old, and in may of 2012 I met a guy named Koal peterson. At first i didn't like him whatsoever, which is why it's so amazing to me how our relationship has grown.
My friend introduced him to me and my friend group, and we started hanging out with him a lot after that. That three months of summer, we all got to know him. We all got to love him, and we shared memories and experiences together. Some crazy ones if i do say so myself.
After about 2 months of knowing me, he started to like me. At every party i went to, every place we went to hangout, he'd be there secretly liking me, watching out for me. He became part of our group, hanging out with us just about every single day for those three months.
He is about a year and a half older than i am. More mature, been through more than i have. And i like mature guys, that have many stories to tell about their life, like me.
The thing is, when he really got to know us all, and really opened up to us, i realized how much we had in common.
I then began to grow feelings for him too.
Of course, not knowing he had feelings for me, and not showing i had any for him, it stayed a secret for quite some time.
Until one day, both of our best friends, told us what only us two didn't see.

There was something different about this guy. He actually showed passion, feelings, toward me. He made me laugh, and i made him laugh. He did the littlest things to show me that he cared.
And finally after realizing our feelings, he put it to action.
He asked me to be his girlfriend one fine night, and waking up to him right by my side shows that i guess i had to have said yes.

That day, started it all. Everything was different.
We became a team, became inseparable.
Especially when he needed a place to stay, and i happened to have an awesome mom that understood, and let him stay with us.

Every night, no matter where he was during the day, he'd come home at night, and crawl into bed, turning on an old movie for us to cuddle up to and watch.
Every night i would look into his eyes and say good night with a smile on my face.

And now finally the partt that ruined it all...
One night when i was feeling a little lonely, and he was out and about with his best friend, i txted him to come home.
But of course him being a teenage guy, he decided to stay over and have a few drinks.
So i said alright whatever, see you tomorrow, and all that jazz.

When i got a call at about midnight waking me up....
I answered it, and it was koal. He was freaking out, told me that he was coming home and that he'd explain everything when he got here. Although i could barely hear him over the sirens in the background...

Finally when he got home, and luckily i was the only one home, he explained..

He had gotten into a fight with a guy that drove half an hour to beat him up.
Now let me tell you, i've learned manny things about him in the time we've known each other, and he is the type of person that has been through so much in his life, that he doesn't like to take **** from anyone anymore..

He explained to me that he didn't know what had happened, that he did nott mean for anyone to get hurt..

Reeking like alcohol, i tried calming him down, only to see the red marks on his hands..
His eyes began to water, and so did mine.
Not even realizing how severe it was, i told him everything was going to be okay. And not even 10 minutes later, it wasn't..

Before i knew it, i was giving him one last hug for a while... not knowing what was going to happen, he called himself in, and he got taken from me that night.

Here i lay in the same bed that was once shared with him, every night thinking of all the things that could have changed that night..

2 and a half months later, and it's hell. Only hearing his voice filtered through a telephone, and not being able to touch him whatsoever.. after we had gotten So close, so fast..
After he made me fall in love with him.. And not knowing when i'm going to be able to hug him once again..

Continuing my life, not having a choice, without him. Knowing he's sitting in jail for something that should have never happened.. knowing he doesn't deserve this, on top of everything else he's been through.
Knowing, there's not a damn thing i can do, to help him.
It tears me apart. And it's making me an unsupportive friend, with my friends and their relationships, because mine is so complicated right now.

So here, I share my story with all you other girls that have to go through this situation, having no choice or say in anything, counting down the days, we get to be in our man's arms once again.

I want to know how you girls cope, because I'm not giving up on him. How you girls stay so strong to keep them strong, even when you're hurting so much. Even though it's Soo hard, i'm going to wait.
I'm going to finish high school, and plan my future with this boy, for when he gets out.

Thanks for listening to my story,
now lets hear yours.

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i know how you feel my boyfriend is locked up for 3 bodies hes never getting out , although i know i have to let him go soon or later i cant becaise i love him so much ; i do the same as you i write to him every minute i get and he calls me multiple times a day

this is crazy.... i know who you're talking about. we were friends for years and then this happened. hope you're doing okay!

Just keep your head up I know how you feel my man is in there since the summer try not to think about it I know it's hard stay busy ,write him, talk to him and go visit him it helps time go by and just him know u love him

Yeah i will, and actually i love writing letters. Never had the opportunity to really, but now i do. Just gotta look at it like that!
He'll get out soon enough, alllll our men willl. :)

I think this is the cutest and sweetest, you and him sound s perfect together! I know exactly how you feel. 2 of my bestest friends, one having feelings for my boyfriends cousin, and one having feelings for my boyfriends best mate, they constantly talk and ask for advice and it makes me feel so jealous and I just have no idea how to help because my relationship is put on hold whilst he's in jail. I miss him so so much and things do get hard, Jamie's been gone a week and I still cry and Facebook him every night so when he comes out he can read all my messages. You can always message me if you need someone to talk to Hun xx

Awh thank you so much! I really hope we stay together forever, especially after this. He owes me ;p
Alll our boys owe us for putting up with this ****.. No girl should have to know how this feels.
But yeah it is hard, and sometimes all you can do is cry. I'll definitely msg you if i need something, if you do the same!

It deffinetly can get hard at times, but then you remember every memory you have with them and how much you love them. Phone calls and visits make things alot easier. Communication with your man is key to staying as happy as you can without them by your side.. There will be days when you do just think you want to move on and give up, but you have to e strong for yourself and your man. My fiancé has been in jail since sept 21. And he's been in and out of jail for the past year and a half. This time it's going to be different. He gets the picture finally, and we are gonna move in together when he does get out, which could be Tuesday of this week on his court date.. I'm crossing my fingers. If he doesn't get out then, he might have a couple more months to serve. But just remember it isn't going to be easy, but well worth it when you're in each others arms again :)

Thank you so much, I definitely will stay strong for my man if you do the same! i'm so glad i found this website, one night of using it and i already feel so much better.

Your welcome girl, and i sure will! Yeah it helps to talk to other girls that are going through the same thing :) If you ever need to talk just message me

Yeah definitely, will do!

hi i am stacey 15 its not the same but my brother is in jail 4 the last yr and will not be out 4 another yr miss him so much

Seriously its so hard to go tru this my boyfriend got locked up 3 days before my graduation :/ i feel so sad cuz he could be there & neither on my birthday .we had a lot of plans like on July i was going to married him. but everything was messed up he didn't came out ,but iam still here wating for him because I love him they gave him 12months he already has 7months I still get my depressing moments cuz i feel so alone but by the end of April I should have him back with me , dont give up girl if you really love him.

No way i'm sorrry.. But i know how you feel, i'm graduating early next year, and he still wont be out by then.
I was just counting on him, to help me get through graduating, and moving out, and everything else that's going to be new to me.

And i guess all of that can, and Will still happen, but it'll just be postponed for a little longer than i had hoped.
Feeling alone, when you know you have someone there, is such an indescribable feeling.
But i'm glad i don't have to go through it alone anymore.
I won't give up, if none of you other girls don't.
We have to stick together to stay strong for our dumbass boyfriends<3