Tomorrows Almost Here

The day where I either get a call from my boyfriend telling me he's out and can be in my arms again or the day he's getting sentenced and I get my hopes up.. I miss him so much. I need him here with me, I'm longing for his presence and his touch his smell. It's upsetting to think about. I just really want my baby to come home to me. I pray every night that tomorrow he will be released and be with me once again. He's calling me tonight to talk to me and let me know where I go if he does happen to get out, which I'm really hoping for. I'm just going to be so upset if he doesn't.. Hell probably get a couple more months and be out in march if he doesn't get out. It's just so long to be away from a loved one an hard to be strong at times. Please pray for him if you pray and cross your fingers for me. And I hope all you other ladies are staying strong and ill be praying for all of you too.
hayyboo1994 hayyboo1994
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013