No Contact Coniditon, No Clue How Long Ill Have My Baby Taken From Me..

Missin him so bad.. We have a no contact condition on our probation orders , not cause he was beaten me or something we just got arrested together once and then again 2 weeks later when he was out on bail (which breached the no contact) nd now since im 17 nd hes 18 hes viewed as an adult and me as a youth, its gunna be so hard to get the condition removed.. anyway nethier one of us really know how long he'll be in there till he goes to court.. realistically could be anywhere from 6 months - 3 or 4 years.. i never hada deal with this before, well with my dad and brother but that was a real different situation. plus my bro was never in there for more then a few months ata time.. im nervous and im missin him every second hes my sidekick for real.. im just scared then once hes our flame together will be gone or somethin.. itsa scary thought i know he loves me with all his heart nd i know i love him hes like my other half but how ****** is it when your boos gunna be in jail like 3 times longer then you've even been with him.. and you cant even visit him or nothin.. we still talk on the phone on the weekends when i have calling, and we write some letters, i try to write everyday like a journal so he knows what i been up to.. but its jus so hard thinkin about how long he'll be gone nd as hard as it is not knowin.. i almost dont want to know.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I can kind of relate. My (now) fiance and I were together when i was 16 and he was 20. My family hated him so they had him put in jail for distubance of the family peace and also me as well. We had a no contact order and we violated it and got put BACK in jail, and now me and him are both over age 18 and we are now happily engaged, but that goes to say if he really loves you he will come back to you no matter what!! and the way it sounds you are in love with him so im sure the feeling is mutual. My fiance is now back IN jail and we have a daughter together, and this time he is facing prison time and it is so hard not knowing whats going on and anxiously awaiting the court date, and writing letters well that takes forever it seems to get there! So I understand, and i hope yall find out something very soon!! :)