My Boyfriends In Jail /:

It's only been about a week & im so depressed , im not sure how long he'll be in. I really miss him , ive been with him for a year now. What should i do ? * okay let me continue my story. When i met my bf i didn't think it was going to be anything serious. , but it was. We fell deeply inlove . He became my everything . Hes older then me & my parents hated it at first , they tried to keep me from him for a while but i or he wasnt going to let that happen. So finally one day i decided to run away with him , i did i was gone away from my family & friends for 5months , i was willing to do anything to make my family realize nothing was going to keep him from me . While i was gone i stayed in contact with them so my Runaway wouldn't Turn into kidnap. About 3 months of being away , i wokeup one morning sick for whatever reason . But i thought nothing of it until it got worst . Couple days later we found out i was expecting a beautiful child. We were both so happy . Everything was great. But i knew sooner rather then later i would have to tell my family. So one day i did. , i texted my day & told him the news . I heard nothing from them . A couple days later i got a call from my mom. , who i hadn't spoken to in 4months , she begged me to move back home & promised to except my bf. , so a couple weeks later i moved back home , things were weird. , but good. I was 6 1/2 months pregnant with a baby boy , one day i stop feeling pregnant . I stop feeling my baby boy move . So i went to the hospital , they ran test , ultrasounds , drew blood everythings. , after being there for almost 3 hours they told me my baby was doing just fine. & sent me home . A couple weeks later i was home & my water broke. , i was in labor. I went to the hospital & they told me my babys heart stoped. My baby was inside of me dead . I had to go through normal labor & push my baby out , my baby was stillborn. It was a tragic & hard Time for me & my bf . But it made us even closer , but it still effected us in it's own way. , it was hard for me to even look at children. , but my bf he got into dumb things like robbing & gang related things. I always told him to get it together & stop . But that's how he got over the pain of losing a child. Last Sunday at about 2 in the morning , i gotta call from jail it was him , he said " they got me baby , i love you " my heart broke into a million pieces. I felt so brokin , first i lost my son & had to push him out of my womb even though he was dead & now my bf in prison for god knows how long. , i just feel so empty & dead . They were all i had & now there both gone .....
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I pray for you babe, i really feel for you. My fiancee is in prison and it feels just awful, and like you are totally alone in this, but he loves you and always will. Remember to be strong for yourself and him xx

Thank you so much

You're still young, living life in the fast lane. I understand you miss him. But you should be worrying about get your life together instead of worrying about him in jail. That's on him. You can always visit him. But at this point there's nothin you can do. And with his criminal record. He's not going to be able to get a job and support you or himself once he gets out. Not even at a fast food restaurant. What are you going to do then? Get pregnant again and live off the system? Think about your future young one. Love can wait.. Everything happens for a reason. Don't be another statistic.

Yes . All this is clear to me , but it's easier for someone Whos not inlove with him to say .

Please don't let anyone bring u down girl our job is to hold them down no matter What fiance was just sentenced to a year in prison 2 months ago nd we have a 2 year old son we have been together since i was 16 years old nd I'm now going to b 22 ...we have been through it All from loosing a child my parents hating him but we have always stuck together ....this can only bring u two closer ..... B there for him as much ad you can i promise it gets easier ....there will b bad days nd even worse days ....but keep your head up remember time never stops your always just that much closer to being back in his arms