What Should I Do

I'm still waiting for my boyfriend's letter. It's really hard on us to wait for someone who's in jail when the only way we can commuinicate is through letters and 20min visiting time. I need advice man.
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

It is hard, very hard. We all feel like giving up at some point! You just have to decide if he's the one worth waiting for. No matter our situations we all know how you feel and are here for you!! Just stay positive for him and you.

Thanks a lot babe...

Just be strong for your partner and yourself. Distance makes the heart grow fawndor. Something like that haha. But it'll be worth it to be with them again :)

Maybe, but it's just a r/s less than one months being Tgt ..

Just keep positive even thoe sometimes u feel like giving up I have my days when I feel like giving up

Thanks, trying to ...