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My boyfriend and I were together for 3 years when he committed the crimes he did. Eventually we broke up and I was the one who actually turned him into the police. He got arrested in February of last year and we have been writing ever since, but just recently we decided that we wanted to be together again and that we were going to make things work this time for good, since we do have a 3 year old son together. No one stands behind me on my decision to take him back. I have lost everyone close to me just because I want my family back. It's so hard for me and my son. We miss Daddy so much. We visit him once a week and we do get to see each other for about 3 hours and we can hug and kiss each other, but sometimes that's just not enough. I joined this site so then I know Im not the only one missing my boyfriend and that there's other people out there going through the same thing as me.
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Just stay strong and don't listen to others listen to your heart and your mind and if you love him that's all that matter I have been in the same situation about giving up because this is all new to me waiting for someone in jail but I love him and care for him so then I think he's going threw alot been in there and really has No one except me and I would not turn my back on him.. so think positive what y'all was doing before he was locked up n how it's gonna be when he gets out if u need someone to talk to I'm here u not in this alone there are really people going threw the same struggle

Thank you!!! I am trying to stay positive, it is hard and I know it's hard on all 3 of us. He misses us and we miss him. I write him everyday and I send pictures. I try to tell people you can't judge someone of their past. Im so glad I found this site and that I have other girls going through the same thing as me, it almost doesn't make me feel as lonely.

Sometimes People Will Have Their Own Opinions ba<x>sed On Our Situations But They Don't Quite Understand It In Our Place . I Feel That If You Feel It's What You Want &d What Will Make You Happy , Then Go For It ! He Is Your Baby's Father &d There Is Potential There . I Hope The Best For You , I'm Young But I'm Very Mature For My Age As I Know &d Everybody Tells Me . I've Had To Grow Up Alot Faster Than I Should've Had To . Buh I Understand What Your Doing &d If Nobody Else Baks You Up On It , I Do ! Good Luck , It'll Get Better For Us Females Out Here In These Situations ((:

Thank you!!! I know it will get better it just kills me that I only see him once a week and he's serving a 7 year sentence. Sometimes I just feel like giving up, but knowing I get to see him makes me feel a little bit better. Everyone in my family says how can you be with a criminal? I just know that he has changed and I can't wait for him to prove everyone wrong.

Your Welcome &amp;d Wow , That Is A Long Time . How Long Has He Served Already .? &amp;d Yess , People Do Change &amp;d Better Themselves . I Hope Your Family &amp;d Everyone Around You Would See That Cause I Know It's Hard Not Having Him &amp;d Now Feeling Like You Don't Have Family Cause They're Not Supporting You. Things Will Get Better , Jus Pray For It ( :

He hasnt even served a year yet. :( but i told him I am not giving up on you this time, you are what I want and I will fight to keep us working.

Aweee :(( Buh Good Luck (:

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