15 Days

Last time I posted (30 days!) I didn't really share my "story" so I am now. I met my fiancé last July, at first he was really closed up about his past I talked to him and told him I don't judge people. If it's from the past then I have no reason to bring it up or let it effect my view of you in any way. So, he explained to me that he had beaten a man up for calling his mother a *****, which is very understandable... he got charged with battery and served a month a long with being on probation for a few years. All of this happened in May. He had a past with drugs but he stopped all of it after being put on probation. Everything was great, he was doing great... then one day he and I were out and we got pulled over for speeding in a school zone, my fiancé was smoking a cigar... a normal cigar.. the cop said he needed to search the car (the cop was acting all badass because there was a college student with him.) He started searching my fiancé, he found brass knuckles in his pocket and arrested him right then, they later found a pipe. So, right now he is serving 30 days for a VOP. He has court for the other things next month. It's been 15 days and it seems like it just keeps getting worse. I miss him so badly. He is my other half. I'm so anxious to be with him again. This is the most awful thing. I get so excited to check the mail.. and he calls on Tuesdays so I obviously get excited too. I started crying tonight and of course he finds some way to make me laugh he says, " its okay we only have one more week" obviously 15 days is more like 2 weeks so I said "we have 2 more weeks" and he responds with " hush.. I'm telling myself it's one week, I don't count weekends" Just little things like that, that make me laugh keep me holding on.. So excited for February 6th. Hoping for fast moving days.

I'm here for any of you.. if you need to talk or anything. I'm still keeping you all in my prayers.
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

My boyfriend gets out the 11th! I'm wishing time would fly by faster too!

Ahh.. it's so close but so far away at the same time!!

Thanks for sharing your story!! It made me cry because I know how it feels to get excited when they call!!! It also made me cry cause Im jealous. This guy as a great girl and you should be proud that you waited enough though it was just 30 days, but 30 days is 30 days without your man not being with you. I just wish I was in your shoes and my boyfriend got out in 15 days too. Stay strong not to much longer!!

Aww, don't cry! I wish you good luck with everything!! :) Keep your spirits up for you, him, and your little son! I'll be praying for you!