Boyfriend In Jail :/

ive been on and off with my boyfriend for 3 years and hes been in and out of training school . now he finnallly reached the max and is in jail for the rest of his life for soemthing he didnt do . idk what to do i love him to death but dont know if i can continue to date him while hes locked up. hes been in since august almost 6 months already i go see him , write to him and talk to him daily but idk if thats good enough for me , i just love him so much and it kills me inside . even at the end of our phone call when i tell him i love him sometimes he says im lying whne im not , and it kills me because he knows how much i love him ! i need some adice on what to do and no negative comments please !!!
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1 Response Jan 26, 2013

Hey honey im sorry to hear about your mans sentence. As hard as it may be, in my opinion i think you should move on. Life sentence means that youll be sentenced to life too without seeing him or being intimate at all anymore. It wouldnt be healthy emotionally to keep
Things going when he is never going to get out. :/ im truly sorry if what i say upsets you but its selfish for a man to ask a woman to not move on when he is in prison for life. If mine asked i would say no and have to move on even though i do love him. Just think about what you would want to do.

no it doesnt upset me , it is so hard like when he first got locked up i didnt know until is seen it on the news then his cousin called me , i didnt get to talk to him until like 2 months after he went to jail . im just so so inlove with him and its gonna be so hard to let go , it all just sucks but like you said a life sentence means visits in a visiting room until he either dies in there or gets out when hes like 60 and both of them are bad senerios

yeah they are. you deserve to be happy just like everyone else does girl

I just love him so much and it's so hard to let go