Thank You

I just was online and realized everyone is living and I'm not my life is on hold my husband is in prison and he took my heart with him hes the best part if me my bestfriend and I just broke down and I found this website and I've been crying and reading for hours you guys take the words right out of my head these stories have helped me so much already I'm not yet ready to write my own story cuz I just got myself calm but I wanted to say thank you all for being so strong and sharing your stories this is really gunna help through the rest of the time we have left
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2013

Keep your Head up yes this site is good because we know what you are going threw because we are going threw the same situation and can't past judgement cause we know how it really feels

It's helped me alot my boyfriend has been in jail for almost A year and I love this site! Stay strong!