I Will Pray For You

i have gotten lucky on the 6th my old man was told that he had to do 3 more days and had 4 years added to his probation and then he can't own a firearm well after posting about what happened at his court date there was a knock at my door my best friend and his ol' lady where over and seeing as it was late my friend Jeff answered the door and the only thing he said was "holy f**king ****" when i went around the corner there he was my old man just standing there it was the best surpise of my life that's for sure when i asked him how he got out he told me that the jail was getting to full so they booted him out not that i'm complaining!!

I was lucky and truly blessed in that moment and every single one we have shared since that day it's been hard because i also had gotten a job right before he got out my boss being amazing let me take a day off to include my 3 day weekend i know that was amazing in it's self seeing as i started 2 days before and she saw a facebook about me being sad about having to work so soon after he got out she called me and told me i didnt have to work friday when i asked why she said "because he is home!"

The point to me posting this is that i have been lucky and my man got to come home and i know many of you are still waiting for yours to come home and i promise to pray for all of you because really all we have is our men and the people who have been where we are or were because of that and the good fortune we where blessed with i owe to those who not only prayed for use but helped me in my time of need with money with rides to see him ect, i know many you may believe in god but i promise you he hasn't given you more then you can handle and he is listening to you and there for you at you worst.

x Thank You x
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