Romeo and Juliet

My family found out that my boyfriend went to jail and told me that if I continued with the relationship they were going to kick me out of the house. When I went to visit him the next day they flipped out and said that i would need to choose between his family or my own. I know it would seem like any easy choice, your family right? Well ya, but he is so different from other guys, and i know that we could eventually make it work.

On top of all of that, when my parents were together my mom's mother forced her to choose between my dad or her family. ultimately she decided to go with my dad and  has not spoken to her family in over 15 years. She had promised me back in high school that she would never do that sort of thing to me, so I don't understand why she is doing it.

Basically, I am waiting for my boyfriend, Boomer, to get out of jail in July or October so that we can get a place together and be together. I just hope that my family will understand and iin the future will see him the way that I do, and see the change in him.

Jacqass Jacqass
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

it's hard so many feelings are inloved it's tough when pepole you love don't accept who you love....your family loves you and wants whats best for you but at the same time only you know what you're feeling....i guess just follow where God leads you. good luck sweetie!

maybe it's just me, but I would listen to your mom. Tuck tail and run as fast and as far away from Boomer as you can.