Big Mistake!!

I've been with this great guy for almost a year. He made a big mistake one night drunk with his buddies and it cost him 2yrs of his life.

we'd been having problems between us and we all got drunk one night(how stupid) and I passed out. when I finally woke up the next morning I heard the news, my boyfriend and 3 of his friends got into some pretty bad trouble, I was so upset, We started having alot of problems and we broke up. I moved in with my dad and then about a month later moved into my own place, we were trying to work things out, but it was'nt working out. Then on nov.28 my dad passed away, we were still having problems, so i moved out of my house and moved into his, I had found out in october i was pregnant by my boyfriend and on january 2 i miss carried 3 little boys, that was heart breaking, we had to bury our boys. We finally started working things out and getting along great and on february12 the love of my life was sentenced to 2yrs in jail and i am about to go crazy. I really need soom friends to talk to that know what  i am going threw. My family hates him, everyone but my sis and i'm going threw a divorce and he hates him and does'nt want him around our kids and says if he sees him around them he will shoot him. that is stupid, he's a really good guy, he just made a mistake. someone please talk to me  


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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Thank you very much for your comment. I know exactly what you r saying. I'm 32 and he is 24 but we r doing better and reallt trying. I hope we can work things out and stay together, I really love him. I'm glad your son is on the right path I hope he stays there for his daughter.

It sounds like you have some hard choices to make ahead of you and you have to try thinking with your head and not your heart. I know it's always easier said than done but you've got to try and he has to try and put everything behind him and decide what is more important to him right now. The life he could possibly have with you or a jail record that will only grow longer if he does'nt let go of his hate, because it will only take away everything you 2 want. Believe me I know my son who just thought that the trouble he started getting into at 15 went on for years until he finally realized that his daughter was what really mattered in his life and to see her grow up. But he had to make that choice no one else...his daughter is 4 1/2 and he's 32 with a hard road ahead of him but at least he's on the right path. Your boyfriend has to decide what it is he wants more and do what he must in order for the both of you to have a chance at all