HOW THE **** RU GONNA SAY U MISS AND LOVE UR BF SO MUCH IN JAIL BUT GO AND CHEAT?!smfh... If you truley love someone ur gonna be their ride or die no matter how lonely u get . Stop being selfish and ******* think about how he feels in a cage worrying about whos ******* his girl ..sit the **** down c*nt
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My husband has been in for 13 months...this time...I was pregnant when he left...I remain faithful...cheating is the last thing on my mind...BUT he can't believe I've stayed true and has pushed me to filing for divorce...sad that ***** ruin it for the loyal women.

Omfg seriously that is wat i am saying u can be faithful as hell and they still feel insecure cuz other guys in jail r saying how their girls are ***** and cheat

They will never believe u stayed faithful


Yeah this is about u smfh ^smuts