Well its been 2 weeks since my fiance got arrested for assualt. He was defending himself against someone. The day it happened the detectives told him it was clearly self defense and now the guy decided to press charges so now hes in jail. I get it. He has the right to do that but now my family is suffering but why would that person care right? I know some people would think oh 2 weeks that's not even long but it feels like it. It's not just the fact that he's not here its where he is and not knowing what's going on. Feeling so helpless because there is nothing I can do. They haven't set a court date so we don't even know how long he'll be in there. It's been hard. I have anxiety and this ****** situation makes it worse. Our apartment feels so empty without him. We have a one year old son and I know he misses him. He wakes up looking for him sometimes and it just kills me. I'm doing my best to stay strong not only for myself but for my son. He needs me and I'm going to keep being the best I can be for him. No matter what happens I will make sure my son is always taken care. I'm glad I have my little munchkin to keep me sane through this. Hopefully my fiance will be home soon. Either way I'll be here for him. If anyone wants to talk I'm here. Its Nice to vent sometimes to people who who understand. *hug*
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It gets so much easier trust me, it was about a month after my man got took away from me that I started to adapt, still cried myself to sleep every night and worried 247 but once its over and you see him walk out that prison, its the happiest you'll ever feel!
Letters and phone calls+seeing them as much as you can helps a lot. Makes the time pass so much quicker.
I hope you and your son are okay, don't worry you'll get through this! I didn't think I would, now I'm on the other side my mans home and everything is back to normal! You will get through it xx

Thank you. I'm seeing him next week and we've been writing each other. Yes me and my son are okay. His birthday party is this weekend and even though I wish his daddy could be there. I know that he'll be there for future parties. I know this won't last forever. Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it :)

I'm here if you need to talk to me. My boyfriend was recently arrested for loitering on unsupervised probation and his court session is currently happening. We live in Columbus, GA, but I'm currently in Atlanta and I won't be able to come back to Columbus until tomorrow. He could be serving five months. And several people are telling me to be weary of him and to basically not trust him. This is someone I've been in love with and involved with for over a year now, and every time he gets into trouble, people assume the worst of his actions and confront me while he's not around to defend himself.

Thanks:) I think if you trust him and he hasn't given you any reason not too then that's all that matters. Whatever anyone else has to say doesn't matter. Whatever reasons they have have nothing to do with yalls relationship. I think you should tell them look I appreciate the advice but he hasn't given me any reason not to trust him. I'm gonna be with him and that's that. Hopefully that will make them stop. He's been in trouble alot?