Tonight I'm lonely. I miss my baby so much. This is unfair. I need him to hold me tight. If I wasn't such a night owl I could go to sleep and forget for a while. But I can't sleep.
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Hell be home soon love

I feel your pain 100% ive cried a couple times i cant even talk to him at all

I know. I'm ready for the day he comes home. We are planning to go away, just the two of us, and have an adventure while making up for our missed time. I can't tell you how many times I've daydreamed of that day. But you know exactly how it feels. Girl, I want to be fit and tan and have sexy outfits... So that I can tempt him. Although I'm sure he'll be tempted enough to have a woman beside him again. Lol

3 to 4 more months and you will be in his arms again!!!!

I know it sucks waiting though u know how it is .and ik im tryna lose weight while hes gone to look really sexy :)

He is gonna be so happy to see you. We are gonna be all sexy and blow their minds :) :)

I worked out an hour yesterday. I'm so motivated.

Thank you. I don't think he'll get too long. I wish the court would hurry up so we'll at least know what we are facing.

Whats he in for?

He got caught with drugs.

He wont get long at all then !!

My bf is in for violating drug court lol thats crazy

I love the bad boys. I can't help myself.

Me too girl lol

I'm walking and then weight training. I'm dieting too, but focusing more on toning right now.

I hope ur man gets a short sentence so u can see him again asap i know youre pain very much

Lol hell yes girl! Ive been doin weight watchers it works like a charm

Lol what work outs have u been doing? Have u been dieting

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