What I'm going through at this moment I nobody understand, me and my boyfriend is going through a hard time now, he was force to resign from work and was told that he took some cash from his working place, they ask him to pay the money that he took and if not he will need to face the problem in jail.. My boyfriend has admitted his mistakes and repend. But now we lake of cash to pay the company back, I'm afraid that he will go into jail and we won't be seeing each other, I have no one to talk with my feelings.. My family haven't know anything about what happen yet but I'm sure they will react negatively since they always talking behinds back.. Me and my bf is 6years dating each other we love each other so much. I don't want to lose him. There's no one willing to help us financially. I really crying inside me, we were so attached to each other. I have no one to turn to help. I'm trusting on god to do a miracle on him.
cielotasha cielotasha
31-35, F
Sep 1, 2014