Life Got Me

Last year I was married had a two year old daughter this year I am on the edge of divorce with a three year old daughter.Now I am expecting a child in september and my boyfriend is in jail. The story is my xhusband beatme, hurt me left my kid alone in the apartment bought crack did it in front of her. I know this b/c he confessed i was at work. either way I forgave him because I loved him and I thought that he could be fixed b/c he loves me and need me so much.NOPE one night he got arrested DUI and then i knew it were done. I hate him so. Now then in July I met this guy we will call him PAUL through work. I would hang out with him. we would play poker go to the bar just hang. we gotten serious he was like a step in father for my child. He has a daughter who was 8 now 9. We get a long great he moves in helps out. oh yea I am in love we do it all together we fight i kick him out then i ring his phone crying how i miss him hate him and love him. 4 mo. ago we made a baby due in september we talk about buying a house getting married and being happy for the rest of our lives. Then whats so perfects ends. before he met me he met a chick she gave him a hand job he charged with ************ in public because the car was not moving. he postpound the court date over n over finally he went. had a great lawyer but hey he got 30 days in jail today is day4 i miss him so i love him i cry so much these last 4 days. His family is great even good to me  better than my own. I want to belive that he will never get in trouble again. i don't want this life my boyfriend in jail i am lonely needy i miss him he told me he would never put me through this again. I want him to be the one for me. 30 days isn't long compared to most but i want to be happy now i want to put my faith in him. He romance me like no other. He is the other half of me. I want everyone to know my pain of my great man doing 30 days how i am dying being free.

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

If someone loves you enough, they dont go with other people, and they do nothing to jeopardise the family unit. Judging by your previous relationship your confidence is shot and you dont believe in yourself, or that you are goodenough. You are, and you deserve better, as do your kids.

Hey<br />
At last u found him.. some women do not have one chance at love. U have a new fresh start..we all make mistakes..<br />
<br />
The guy is sorry.. u will see him real soon..u can visit.. u have a baby on the way and male plans for the time u have together.<br />
<br />
I wish u well he is coming back to u. Think of all the good stuff going on..home,love,life, etc etc

You have real big dependency problems and it's not healthy for you or your children. You get with these guys who are not good and bring continuing problems into your life and then you say you cry and love and all that junk. You are a young woman and your future will be limited to success if you don't stop what you are doing and trusting all these men around your child. You need to find inner strength and start making it on your own or you will teach your child the same weaknesses that you have. Too many people cannot handle the truth and get upset when it's spoken. I get it a lot on this forum so if you feel like coming back with some childish name calling or other insult save yourself the trouble cause it won't bother me and I don't know you from anybody else on here.