Boyfriends In Jail

My boyfriend and I have been together since we where in the 7th grade so its been almost eight years. He is defiantly the product of his envoirment. We have been threw many jail expresses ranging anywhere from two days to a year. Right now he is currently in jail again and awaiting trial. Its been 10 months since he went in. Trail is set for this next month but i don't have my hopes up b-cuz trial has already been post ponied 4 times. I have been visiting him once a week for the last ten months and sending out a letter everyday for the last ten months as well as receiving a letter. I feel like the closer and closer it gets to trial the more i miss him. I have done this be for but this time seems so much harder then any time be for. Its hard not to cry ever time i am wright a letter. the worst part is "staying strong for him" what i mean by that is i don't want to tell him how hard my heart is hurts b-cuz i don't want him to worrier about me i have to play this roll all the time that i have it all together all the time. After being with someone as long as the two of us have the fear of him being gone for 10+ years will kill you if you think about it. .....I'm just numb

MrsHoward MrsHoward
Mar 24, 2009