Missing My Baby!!

I am  hating this soooooooo much, my boyfriend got remanded to jail last week for 6 weeks (might not seem like a long time but to me its ages) not even sure if after the 6 weeks he will get sentenced or not!! i dont know wether to look forward to the 6 weeks being over or not, if i do and he gets sentenced then i will just feel like crap!! 

Me and him do absolutely everything together, live together and go everywhere together. only time im not with him is when im at college and he is at work! :( i miss him soooooo much and its really getting to me... the letters and phone calls help but it still is nothing compared to being with him!!

I suppose finding a group like this and reading peoples stories that are similar to mine help a lot! I just feel really lonley without him, the house is quiet (apart from the cats running about lol) and i feel really down and sad! Sleeping in a bed without him is really strange as well.. suppose when ur 18 and in love seriously for the first time you experience these different feelings for the first time and it hurts.

Even friends and family dont make a difference, college helps keep my mind off things but nothing feels the same without him... im that used to being with him and nothing is going to help untill i have him back!

It might sound strange to people how much I miss him but i suppose when you are that close to someone, spend all of your time together and are really in love then you would understand!!

When the judge said in court that he was getting remanded my heart felt like it stopped! I actually ran out the court crying haha embarasing but true!! 

I havent had a chance to go for a visit yet, am going for my first visit on tuesday.. might just make it worse seeing him then having to go again.. but i really want to see him!!

Anyway thats my rant over with haaa XxX

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

my boyfriend got a sentence of 10 years..but will become eligible for parole in 15 months..he's already done 4 months, its hard, really. but I would love to be in your shoes 6 weeks goes by so quick.. hang in there

6 WEEKS i wish my man only got 6 weeks be strong your man will soon be coming while mine sit in prison for something he didnt do it...