Yeah He Is In Jail

I was living every day just fine, my man by my side and he was living with me, about to interview for the job he wanted, and they got him for probation violation. 6 months. What do I do now? He's been gone since april 1st. and the earliest he might get out is august. then of course we had to have some issues and argue about some stuff . . . .and then there's dealing with being a sex addict (that was hard to get over) but honestly i don't even look at anyone like i want them like that because he is who i love so seriously and i know he loves me too. and even when i knew him and wasn't his gf, he always wanted what was best for me, and even when he wanted me he bit his tongue so i could have what i thought i wanted. then i found out all along he was exactly the man i needed. the man i asked god for when i was a little girl; the man i would create myself, if i could sit down somewhere and put a man together. and now i can't have his closeness. i haven't heard his voice in a month and i feel really alone, but i know he cant call me (they got him somewhere strange)

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My boyfriend is in prison.. ive known and liked him about 5 years.. he knew this but he thought of it as fantasy not reality.. he must have had a low self esteem because i was in universty studying and he was doing nothing with his life but getting into trouble with the law.. i travelled about 3 hours to meet him the first time but did not tell him how much i actually liked him.. i just said i would be in the area hinting if he wanted to meet we met and after that i thought im over this i dont really need him... the first time he went to prison was last year i wrote to him when i was with my previous first boyfriend however i still had feelings for him and was heart broken when i found out he was in prison.. he came out in august and then went back this janurary hes in there for 3 years. i love him lots and i made a mistake getting with someone else i only did it to get over him.. i hope he changes and im willing to wait for him.. time and distance does not mean anything to me.. I do get confused some days but you just gotta overcome it and stay strong only times a healer x

I really miss my boyfriend. He is locked up for another 6 months. It hurts me, but we speak on the phone almost every day, I write to him every day and I had my first visit to see him about a week ago. I will be going to see him about three times a month. I think the visits will help me a lot to pass the time by, as I wait for my baby to come home to me. He is serving a full year. He will be the best Christmas present ever. I have never felt this way about any guy before. I feel so blessed. I am scared of losing him. He says to me, he can't understand why I am scared of losing him, when he is truly scared of losing me. I try to reassure him every day that I won't be leaving him. He is the one for me, I know that. I am in love with him and he makes me feel the way I have never felt before. I am only 22 and I was giving up on love and happiness, then all of a sudden I have met my soul mate and I feel so happy. I have my days where it is hard and I want nothing more than to be with him, but I know that he is very much worth the wait and I wouldn't change him for the world. He wants to get engaged to me and marry me when he is out. When he does propose to me, I will be over the moon. I can't wait to be his fiance, because girlfriend just does not seem to cut it now. I am going to buy him an engagement ring too. He doesn't know this though. I can't wait to surprise him with it. I just feel that it is also very special for him to have a ring too. I don't ever want to lose him. I can't wait to marry him. I miss him every single day and when our time comes and he is released, that day is going to be so special. I don't care about going out places and I don't want material things, even though he said he is going to spoil me. All I want is my baby and to spend quality time with him. I love him with all my heart.

My fiance is locked for 180 days (6 months) and he has only been gone for 2 weeks only so we have a long time to wait. My aunts fiance is in kjail for a year and he only has been in jail for a month but I know all of us can make it cause I know it could be alot longer than just 6 months and a year and at least I have her on our side but i hate it when people tell you to leave him just because he is in jail

my boyfreinds just been remanded and i am shocked. and devastated, he hasent rote or we havent spoke for 2 full weeks, i feel like im an addict who need rehabilitation, like iv gone cold turkey... its hurting so much and its harder than yours or my boyfreind will understand, because its them whos got into the situation, like u said... u didnt violate probation yet your left out hear sad and lonely, six months will fly and i really hope your relationship it stronger than ever when you are re-united.. but as for me the days are getting longer and im feeling worse..<br />
i cant go visit him cos hes parent have booked all hes visits up and theirs nothing i can do.!<br />
<br />
hope ur ok :)<br />

6 months, 12 months, 18 months a walk in the park i;ve had to wait over 4 years and have another 3 to go , so yeah some people have it much worse than you i wish i only had to wait that long to be with him again, it is hard but comunicate often and believe it will work and it will, and dont listen to anyone that tells you not to wait, in theory no1 wants to be in this postion, but life isnt theory so you do whatever you feel and if it all goes wrong its just a lesson learned, a bad experience, nothing more , nothing less

6 months will go by so fast. Mine is locked up for 12 months exactly :(

I dont know how to tell you to feel, I been lost and confused myself. But just to let u know I am in the same boat. I miss my man sooooo much and I knew his past but it caught up to him hard. I wish it would have happened before he met me and I met him just as he was getting out - over with his sentence. but **** happens.. and I am dealing with this horrific pain in my head. I carry my cell with me everywhere hoping he will call -- my man too hasnt called me -- dont know why or how he feels????????? I have 2 kids who r noticing how depressed I have become, everyday I sit here and say I will go do something fun, but the slightest little thing reminds me of us together. So I think you should stick by ur man, he will call you and I think you 2 should talk - see how his mind is? not so much in the crying and luv u drama like I did but a cool and calm manner. go out with friends, take up a hobby and believe he will be out soon! Hope this was worth reading god only knows how I need advice also... good luck!!

Don't let anyone get you down by telling you that you shouldn't wait. You only have to wait till August! People have it worst then you! If you know that he's going to change and commit a better life for you then go for it!!! I been through your situation. Talk only with positive people!!! Those that tells me to move on and stuff like that always brought me down. It's good to hear people be on your side! Just because a person goes to jail don't mean they can't change their ways and become better in life. I'm sure if he has something to live for he won't be doing the things he use to. <br />
Follow your heart. It doesn't hurt to see what will happen in the end.<br />
People that tell you to move on. They don't know how hard it is to do so. Especially when you love them so much. Love doesn't go away over night.<br />
August is not that far away. You guys will be together again.<br />
Goodluck and keep us posted!

Hey girl...i feel the same as u my baby is gonna be locked up for 18months. we lived together 4 the 2years we been a couple before we hooked up we were always attracted to each other but both had different partners and i guess u could say in our hearts we always had a thing 4 each other.its only been 6days since he was taken from me and i heard from him for the 1st time today as he was allowed 1 call an that was only for like 3mins...he was saying sorry and he loves me an asked if im gonna wait for him...that almost made me break down worse like as if i could ever love or find anyone like him and the way he makes me feel. im 23 years old yeh ive had bf's i thought i loved but til i met mark i never have loved anyone like i love him thats how i no its real and this is what love is!!! everyone keeps telling me 18months is sooooo long and i no that and its gonna kill me coz i miss him so much already but i no our love can get us through this and i also no that when he gets out we'll be twice as strong because this will get us closer than i ever imagined.. <br />
2 days before he was charged he asked me 2 marry him and thats hard because i was so happy and in lala land before he all this crap happened...<br />
<br />
girl be strong write to him as much as u can and keep telling him u love him if u think his the one for u nobody can change that u will no it in ur own heart!!<br />
and everynight u go to sleep girl close ur eyes and im sure he would be doing the same thinking of u saying his thoughts in his head like u are xoxoxo

Girl are you listening to yourself? Your man is a sex addict and he's in jail? You dreamed of this type of man who can't stay out of jail? Maybe he has a partner that he needs to see in there. You should keep moving and find someone who is scared to go to jail and loves himself and wants to share himself only with you. Your man does not sound committed to you. You should run while he's in jail. Don't let him make you believe that he is all you can ever have. And I hope you don't believe he is. I wonder how long have you been with this dude? Girl please wake up before this ends up being the worst relationship for you. Don't stand for this kind of treatment. You should have someone that is willing to put out what you put out and without all the lies and game playing. It should be you and him and none else. Have you ever heard of the saying, why buy the cow when the milk is free? Be harder to get. don't let him tell you how your life is going to go. You decide all that for yourself. Or at least you should be .