Omg!!!i Miss Him

its been only a day since he left for his half year.we were so in love.i know tht isnt long.but when you cant talk to the man you love for a whole get a little worried.i just need him right now.i cant stop wondering if he miss me.or if he's thinking of me.everytime i see something that reminds me of him,i cry.i gotta have him with young but love doesnt have a age definitly his and no man is gonna come before gonna wait for him til he gets matter what ima be there.

                                 signed, dede-so in love

mizmami mizmami
5 Responses Aug 24, 2009

hiya hun i know hw ur feelinn my fella gt locked up for 6 months yesterday and i cant stop crying and like u every little ting reminds me of him.. i miss him sooooo much.. but hes tinkin bout u loads hun nd i just keep tinkin ill gt 2 see him soon.. we gt engaged lst month.. oh i miss him like mad.. i was cryin readin ur story it reminded me so much of me lol.. loads of hugs nd luv hun xx

well sister, we're pretty much in the same boat. my man is locked up too. for the same amount of time, half a year. its defintaly hard. no doubt. he's been gone for almost 3 weeks now and it still hasn't gotten much easier. it'll take awhile. i still don't know how long its gonna take me. just try to keep yourself busy. i'm young too. im 19 and he's 22. but we're engaged and getting married in september 2010 and everything. its really hard. if you need someone to talk to message me on here. and don't think he doesnt miss you. trust me he does. he misses you just as much as you miss him and you also gotta remember its even harder on him cuz he's on the inside.

I know exactly how you feel. My boyfriend got arrested at work and I had made dinner and was waiting for him to come home. It started getting late and at first I had been angry because he wasn't answering my calls and texts but then I started to get worried. Eventually he called to let me know what had happened. The first couple of days is the worst. You'll miss him the whole time but it gets easier. Stay strong for him and when he gets home he'll do anything to make you happy because you were there for him.

Hey, i know how you feel i am dealing with the same feeling. My boyfriend is locked up right now we are not sure how long he is going to get?? but those questions go through my head alot... Well if you need someone positive to talk to contact me.. Hugs!!

i know how you feel i was like that for a few days after my bf got arrested, its been a month now and all that keeps me going is the fact when he comes out we will be together once again, i hope your ok and you hear from him soon. im sure hes missing you just as much as you miss him. :)