Feeling Helpless

Ive known my boy friend for almost a year and we will have been going out for 6 months next week. I moved out of state a month ago to attent school at a university ive always wanted to study at. We decided to stay in a long distance relationship and work things out. He was planning on comming back to live with me in *** after I visited LA for my birthday.

We have been having a rough week and argueing alot lately. I had a gut feeling that something wasnt going to be the same. I talked to him around 2pm yesterday, there was alot of backround noise I told him to be careful and to call me later. He never called me back. I called around 8pm and he kept forwarding my calls to voice mail. At 9:59 I got a call from a number I didnt recognize. When I answered and it was him on the other line, I knew something was wrong. He told he he was in jail. My response was what do I need to do. He said nothing pray and dont tell my mom. Both my boy friend and I are only 18 years old. I was only able to speak to him for one minute. He told me not to cry and everything would be okay. Hes charges are assult with a deadly weapon, he said he was innocent, just walking home and the cops arrested him. I havnt gotten the full story yet.

I called his best friend who also happens to be his cousin and asked him if he had spoken to my boy friend recently. He said no and I went on to tell him that his cousin was in custody. Hes cousin called my boy friends brother, which then called me back to ask me any information I had on his whereabouts. I told him what station he was at.

This morning my boy friend tried calling me, but I couldnt answer becuase I have a cell phone not a land line phone. I live in dorms so its not possible to set up a land line phone in my place of living. I need to set up a pre paid collect call thing with the collect call agency and hopefully he will call back tomorrow. He goes to court tomorrow. Im not sure what the outcome will be. Untill then I will continue to feel helpless. I dont know what to do. =[

timetopray timetopray
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2009