Me And Shaun

me and shaun have been together for about 2 1/2 years and we are engaged to get married we just dont have a date yet. Shaun got locked up in sep of 09 and right now we are going through the trial process hopefully he will be proven innocent but if not he is looking at 5 years and well i plan on stayin by his side. people ask me why i choose this life where my man is in jail and i tell them if it was them wouldnt they want their girlfriend to stay by their side and i dont think they understand unless they have been or are in the situation that i am going through. i love shaun with all my heart and i plan on spendin the rest of my life with him. He is so insecure that everyother day he is constantly askinme if i have another boyfriend and i get so mad. i understand that he doesnt know what i am doing out here but he doesnt have to worry about me going anywhere. i have cheated and i do regret it but about 80% of women in this situation cheat i would never leave him for anyone. but you are probally thinking that why am i doing that and its only been 5 months that isnt a long time, well dealing with a thug this isnt the first time he has been in jail just last year this time he was getting out of the feds from doin 10 months. i know that doesnt justify anything but i dont have a boyfriend out here he is my one and only i love him with all my heart and i do want to spend the rest of my life with him and thats it i dont care the things that we have to go through to get where we need to be as long as we are together through it all. whatever doesnt kill us, makes us stronger, and everything happens for a reason. so i know i will be able to deal with this God wouldnt put me through something i cant handel thats another reason i stay because i know that i can do it.

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hi, i know how you feel, my boyfriend of nearly 5 years is on remand and looking at 5years plus, ive got his 2 sons here both under 4years old, i miss him so so very mush that it hurts me, im lost with out him, he was my rock and now i know i have to be his rock, i write to him all the time and email him and i talk to him when he phones but its not the same, i tell him that im going to stand by him and will be here for him but he dont belive me, he says in time i will find someone else cos i will need to move on with m life but now he has gone from my life i have realised how much i love him and how much i need him in my life and that i want him in my life, he dont belive me but only time will tell. I talk to my friends but they dont understand, i think you have to be in the situation to understand the emptiness and sadness, im here if you want to talk, take care