My Boyfriend Of Seven Years Is In Prison Until Dec 2010

My boyfriend of seven years is in prison again until December this year,although he maybe released earlier than that in August if he is approved h.d.c.It has been an uphill struggle for us both as we shared a very close relationship.He was a drug addict and the only thing that makes me feel so upset is the fact that he hid his addiction from me and whenever i confronted him about it he denied being addicted to crack.We stay in touch regularly as he rings me and we also write to one another.He has been in prison since june last year and although he has vowed to mend his ways and be a better person for when he gets released,i have so many mixed emotions of anger,pain,heartache and dissappointment..During the past two years before he went to prison,i used to cry so much as his changing behavoiur sometimes really scared me even though he never hit me ,he was still becoming very aggressive with other people and would sometimes start fights in the pub or in a shop and it used to really upset me,as he had never acted this way before.Thats when i first started to suspect him of being on drugs as he also was always broke.Before that however he was a very nice ,affectionate person..I would really appreciate your thoughts on how to try and ease the pain,as even though i am back at college and learning to drive i still miss him terribly.Do you think august or december is a long time away?I would really like to hear from anybody who is or has been in a similiar situation.

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

my boyfriend was addicted to heroin and alcohol, he's now 2 years clean and sober now (3's coming up) was jail and rehab that helped him make this transformation. He was terrible when he was using, and although he never hit me either, he might as well have because the things he said were so terrible. Its the drugs talking though. Take things as they come, good for you for being in school, it's really a great help, at least it is for me. Keep yourself busy, go to the gym, do your homework, write a lot of letters and send bunches of pictures :).<br />
we're here for you.