I Miss My Fiance.. Hes In Jail..=[[

so me n neven have been together since july.. we fell real hard for each other n i got pregnant.. i told him i was pregnant half hour before he got arrested. i was terrified n didnt want it but he was excited to start a family n marry me.. so hes been in jail since october.. i miscarried on thanksgiving.. but were still together. i still love him more than anything in tha entire world n want nothing more than to have a happy family with him as my husband n father to my child. he gets out in april but i miss him so much. im so depressed all tha time kuz im so lonely without him.. we only get to talk on tha fone for 20 mins saturdays, i kant visit him, i havent seen him in 5 months. how do i make tha time go faster? or get to tha point that im not wishing i was dead long enough to get sum fuking homework done. i kant focus or pay attention to anything, i jus wana sleep or get hi all tha time...];  help.



pinsnNeedles24 pinsnNeedles24
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2010