He Gets Out Tomorrow!

oh my god my  nightmare is about to be over!!! my boyfriend gets out tomorrow at 9 in the morning! i havent seen him spoke to him in 6 months! we communicated through letters and that is what kept us strong. of course we had our downs in while he was incarcerated due to the fake gossip that his sisters would take him but that is about it. i promised him that id stay real[faithful] and ride this through with him. this website helped me out aLOT WITH EVERyone sharing there stories and getting to know a few people here. to all of ya who are going through what i am/was just keep strong, and write plenty of  letters and just take it day by day. to say the truth it doesnt even feel as if i went a whole half year without seeing him, it feels as if just yesterday i seen him spoke to him. just keep strong!

18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

yes, please do!!

Hey, tell us was it worth waiting for? has he changed? how did you stay busy??