Hello,My Husband has been in prison since april o8 he went up for parol in december 09 and they denied his parole due to him getting in trouble and they also put his date up to 2012 in january .My husband is very demanding and since he has been in there Ive been his support with no help .I write evareday send pictures  money once a month and I email him every day,he get books magazine and really he does nt want for nothing at all while he is doing his time as long as I'm able he is good.My problem is that the parole board denied him due to him catching 3 major cases with in a 9 month time fram of him doing his time.So that means he does not have no contact visit for a year and he has been on phone rescrition for 3 monthe since his last case .Well he will be able to talk on the phone this month on the 9th.He will be able to get a specail visit in june and I travel 5 hours away to see him only for 2 hours up in to june.And doing this time with him it has been really hard,especially cause he has been getting in trouble in all  ,I've slacked up on doing so much for him cause I feel like he has it good while hes up in ther with   the support that he has .But I have come to relize that he has to want to change my husband signed for 5 years,and if he gets in any more trouble I dont know what I may  do please help me I love him wit h all my heart

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good to hear! :)

Thank you so far hes been staying out of trouble so as of right now hes doing good.I will tell him to work out as well I'm pretty sure that does help out a lot.

Wow hun, that's really intense. :( My man told me it's hard to stay out of trouble in prison, but he's tired of going in and out of a cell and he's doing all he can to stay calm, so he can get out. There's gotta be some kind of stress/anger management strategy out there to help your man...mine does the gym every day till he can barely move, it gets all his emotions out and it makes him feel better about himself too. :)<br />
We're all here for you, and feel free to message me whenever!<br />
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