Miss My Man - Need Help And Support

I really need somebody to talk to and found this site by google. My boyfriend is on remand in prison in the UK. We had a domestic and even though I retracted my statement the police just wouldn't let it go and believe me I went ballistic and my statement was daming. Well he was refused bail once and then again and I think it's now going to Crown court so I won't see him for 6 weeks I think. He has written to me but has got none of my letters. I haven't received any of his VO's so I think something is up. It's been 9 days since I've seen him and that may as well be 9 years - I can't cope and what's worse is his family know but not mine so I have nobody to talk to - I've just said we're on a break. I don't understand why it's gone so far - I admit he did break bail which I pleaded with him not to come see me but he did and a nosey neighbour made a statement to the police not knowing anything about the situation as I don't talk to anybody. What are his chances? His The police charges are witness intimidation and breaking bail. His solicitor doesn't ring me as he's not supposed to and I am the prosecution's witness although i want to just drop the whole thing - why won't anybody listen to me? I have retracted my statement - please help. I'm so lonely and frustrated I just want to talk to somebody - I'm off to the Drs later to get some anti-depressants as I can't live with the guilt of putting him there in the first place. All I do is cry and I've got 2 kids to look after and it's so hard. I thought I was strong but I feel so weak now. I don't understand this system at all. I'm so sorry I've done this and I don't know how to undo it.

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I understand how you feel about the letters. Prison's take forever to send things out..I think they're their own post office and they mess things up all the time. I finally figured out what my problem was..they were sending my letters off to New York and I live in California....it's awful. But don't worry, he will get your letters, as long as you're sending them to the right address...did you put down his offender #? Sometimes that'll make the process take longer.....or he might even be on some kind of restriction...if that's the case it shouldn't be much longer. <br />
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How did this all get started? <br />
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You should go on this website called Prison Talk, it's got thousands of people on it that can probably tell you everything you need to know.