My Boyfriend Who Was Shot And Killed

im know to this but here it goes i been dating my boyfriend since my freshman year in high school he was everything a girl can ask for of course every couple goes thru ups and down break ups.but that was still my boo on the 26 day of october 2009 i had spoke to him he was suppose to come see me once he finish taking care of his business we said our i love you's baby see you in a lil while around 7:30 that night he was shot and killed i didnt find out until that next day i was worried and didnt know what to do i couldnt stay focus in school random people was coming to me asking me did he get killed ikept saying no what are you talking about i talk to him yesterday he is okay people.Than his sister called me and ask did i talk to him i said yes i did yesterday and everything sounded okay with him. a couple hours later his sister called me back at first i started laughing because i knew that it couldnt be true then i just broke down crying i couldnt sleep eat it hurts until this day i think about him every day not one day that goes by that he's not on my mind. It was really hard and i was only 18 years old....R.I.P.TO MY BABY BOY I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER BABY ! MUAH IM STARTING TO CRY JUST TYPING THIS
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My god I feel the same way it's the worse pain in the world I'm waiting till the day I have kids so I can feel true love again I don't feel like another man can bring me happiness yet I need something that is mine first to make me even be able to love again it hurts so bad. My boyfriend was also shot & killed over candy! And 2 grown men with pride it's sad that ppl can just take lives so easily

I um... stumbled upon this because i'm just so heartbroken. My boyfriend was in Virginia and he ended up getting shot in the neck after what police describe as a "robbery gone awry". I love him soo much. I understand that it was his time to go but wow... never did i think that a person can hurt this much. And what's killing me the most is that i feel my memories with him fading... all the moments that we lived together keep replaying in my mind but it doesn't feel like i lived them. I don't want these memories to fade..what do i do? how do i cope with this because all i want is for him to come and carry me away. He was my true soulmate. I feel so empty without him... i can't help but count the days until i see him again. He said that in another life he would marry me and thats whats keeping me going... R.I.P Sweetheart! I love you like no other.

Sorry you have to go through this I'm going trough the same thing with my boyfriend/ he's the father of our 2 kids Amelia and Kingsley jr. It's so hard to deal wit this. He was my world and everything and he loved his kids. But now my life is over I have to hope for anything except not givin up on our kids. He loved these kids wit his whole heart. I miss him dearly . God bless you and your situation . Because it has yet to get better with me

I miss my boyfriend to he was also shot and killed

I'm in the Same situation my Bf was killed 9/22/11 I honestly don't know where I go from here but I go to school I smile I keep.on living and moving forward on nights like this I cry myself to sleep or I reflect on the good times and just laugh it hasn't been that long but I'm a good shape. I know exactly how you feel empty cold fragile probably mad because he left you here even tho it wasn't his fault . Life is really something man but try not to waste away cry scream shout but after that keep moving you will have your down moments but keep moving . Evanescence - my immortal that song made me cry my eyes out but it helped