You Will Always Live In My Heart

I heard your lame jokes that one day..and found them so very interesting...

I saw your smile few days later...and just loved it..

I saw you looking at me in the crowd...and the feeling was indescribable...

I didn't realise when I had fallen for you amidst adoring you..

Didn't realise when keeping you happy got the highest priority in my life and when I started dying just to be friends with you..

And yes,life had given me then what I wanted...we started talking to each other..I was so happy.. never knew this kind of happiness was awaiting in my sad and dull life.

Heart started pounding faster whenever we were together..dreams started taking a new high.. We helped each other through all the thick and thins and the bond became so strong..

Those little efforts of yours that showed me I was one of your best friends..

Then we had to move to different places...But we couldn't do without being in contact with each other.. We teased each other all the times,we were Tom and Jerry of a kind...We became best friends...always there for each other..always the second one's happiness above our own.. ready to take all of each other's pain to see each the other one happy.. We knew our bonding was eternal.. We were soul mates.. We loved each other a lot..

And then,there came a day,when I couldn't hide my liking for you anymore..I had dreams with you for a lifetime...and I couldn't stop myself from sharing it with my best friend,You.

You told how much you loved me as well...and there it was!!! All that I had wanted! You were mine,and I was yours.. You became my baby,and I became yours.. We loved each other day and night..every time.Even though,we were bound by the distance..but our messages at every instant..the long calls,and those video calls were always there to prove that nothing could separate us...You were always on my mind..You were my every dream..You were my life...Or so I thought.

Knowing you,I came to know one of the best persons there ever existed..The way you would try from your heart to keep everyone around you happy...The way you avoided any misunderstanding with all your loved ones...The way you cherished life and lived every second..The way you loved even the animals around you...And the way,you loved your family!!

Then all of a sudden,there came the news of your death..I don't think I have been able to believe it even yet.I don't think I can ever believe it.You used to tell me that you will always be with me..I believed you then,and I believe you now.I miss you every moment of my life...I miss you whenever anything happens,and I get an impulsive feeling of messaging you about it just to realise that I can't.I picture your death,your pain,your dead body...and I feel haunted.I feel it so unfair that you took all the pain alone when we were supposed to share each and every joy and suffering.I feel worthless to live when I can't take care of you anymore..I feel worried for you..about where you are,and how you are..! I can't believe I have left you alone there,and I am living with so many loved ones here.

Then,I remember your smile,and wish you are keeping that on still..I remember how you always encouraged me to live life make great love my love develop passions and how I always got inspired to live life your way..I am trying to do that dear..Trying to cherish each and every moment in life and I can feel your happiness whenever I get happy..I miss you,but I believe you are right beside me,loving me endlessly in your own ways..And I wanna let you know that I love you a lot too,that you can never die,in my heart you live on forever..all the memories we share will always be treasured in my heart..and at every step in my life,whenever I have to make a decision,it is you who would be inspiring me...You were not given the chance to live life,but I will be doing my best to live life the way you wanted..I know you are a part of me..and you still live,if I live..just the way I feel dead ever since you died.I will never leave a chance to honor your laugh,to love,to have fun,and to cherish our love....MY LIFE IS A TRIBUTE TO YOURS...LOVE YOU A LOT!!!!!

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1 Response Apr 6, 2012

So sorry for your loss. Your story is beautiful. May live forever in your heart.